Friday, April 15, 2011

Guitar jazz

There's some really great guitar jazz out there. When most people think of jazz guitar they think of Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery and other famous players. I'm not going to post a very well known artist today though I'm sure the lot of you will quite enjoy it.
This aforementioned artist goes by the name of Bireli Lagrène and is rather prominent in today's gypsy jazz. Needless to say Django is one of his major influences. There's one of his songs that I've been particularly hooked on, most probably because it's the first Lagrène song I ever heard, thanks to my guitar teacher. (This was about 3 years ago when I was just getting into jazz.)
Warning: this is not as smooth as what I've been posting before, but still a great piece. Enjoy! (As always: Rainy Mood in the top right.)


  1. Wow, sounds really nice. I should listen to jazz more often.

  2. love jazz man keep it coming

  3. Too many Jazz Trumpets and Jazz Saxophones.

    Not enough guitars. Yaaaaaay this guy.

  4. i love jazz guitar, but im all about that heavy jazz bass myself

  5. i do get tired of all the sax jazz out there in media. they should show this side of jazz more often

  6. wow this is so relaxing!
    jazz on!